Based on Dr. Norman Shealy’s Lifelong Work and Scientific Research. 
Over 35,000+ Successful Outcomes Where Conventional Medicine Failed!

Are You in Control of Your Mind, Body, Thoughts, & Emotions?

 Retrain Your Brain | Unleash Your Potential

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The Relationship Between 

In this online course you will learn:

  • How to Lower Stress & ​​Reduce Anxiety 
  • ​Self-Regulation Techniques & Exercises
  • ​Natural Ways to Enhance Sleep & Relaxation
  • ​Improve "DIS-EASE" Take Control of Your Health
  • ​Increase Concentration & Creativity
  • ​Foster Positive Thoughts, Energy & Emotions
  • ​​Achieve Brain Synchronization with Binaural Beats 

The #1 Stress Management Tool Anywhere in the World From the Comfort of Your Home. 

What  BIOGENICS® Users Are Saying...

What's Inside? SNEAK PEAK

The BIOGENICS® course explores the science and cutting-edge research behind neuroplasticity, and Autogenic Training to teach you how to harness its power and retrain your brain by connecting mind, body, spirit to positively impact your life, and health.

The Complete Blueprint to Stress Free Healthy Living!

  • ​TRAIN YOUR NERVOUS SYSTEM: Overcome Limiting Beliefs, Achieve Mental & Emotional Balance, Learn How to Cope with Grief, Anger, Pain, Fear, Anxiety, Depression, "Dis-Ease", How to Transform Challenges into Opportunities, and more.
  • ​TAKE A DEEPER DIVE INTO SOUND & THE BRAIN: Learn about Binaural Beats, Brain Synchronization and Experience the Benefits.
  • AUTOGENIC TRAINING WITH 60+ BIOGENICS® EXERCISES: Train Your Body & Mind to be Present, Aware, Control Breathing, Blood Pressure, and Body Temperature for Stress Reduction and Enhanced Relaxation.
  • ​LEARN FROM DR. NORMAN SHEALY & DR. SERGEY SORIN as they walk you through each course module and exercises.
  • ​24/7 LIFETIME ACCESS: Access to Course & Exercises from any Device.  
  • ​BONUS: Exclusive Member Only Early Access to Events & Promotions.

Did You Know Stress Weakens the Immune System? 

Meet the Creators of the BIOGENICS® Course

Norman Shealy, MD., PH.D.

Father of Holistic Medicine & Inventor of the TENS Unit

Dr. Shealy is a holistic doctor, author, researcher, world renowned neurosurgeon, president of the Shealy-Sorin Wellness Institute and the Holos Energy Medicine Education.

Dr. Shealy is also the founder of the American Holistic Medical Association in 1978 and was recently selected as Top Expert Physician of The Year in Chronic Pain for 2020 by the International Association of Top Professionals.

He has received a number of lifetime achievement awards in the fields of Medicine, Holism, Wellness, Innovation and Education and advancement in Science and Humanitarian aspects.

Dr. Shealy's innovations include electroacupuncture, spinal cord stimulation, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, TENS, the RejuvaMatrix Solar Homeopathy®, transcutaneous acupuncture, and BIOGENICS®, for biofeedback training and self-regulation.

Among many of Dr. Shealy's creations is the Shealy-Sorin Gamma PEMF® device for pain and stress reduction, and the Sapphire Enhanced Scalar® for remarkable reduction in free radicals and inflammation.

Sergey Sorin, MD., DABFM

Top Doctor of the Year in Holistic Medicine 2020

Dr. Sergey Sorin is a holistic doctor, author, lecturer, researcher CEO and Medical Director of the Shealy-Sorin Wellness Institute.

Dr. Sorin was recently selected as Top Doctor of the Year in Holistic Medicine by the International Association of Top Professionals.

With over 16 years of professional experience as a Board-Certified Physician, Dr. Sorin is an expert in the field of Holistic Medicine, Urgent Care, Occupational Medicine, and Emergency Medicine.

As a published author, Dr. Sorin has written articles on nutrition, health and wellness, and his work has appeared in various newspapers, media and also in scientific publications.

He is actively involved in clinical research projects and scientific developments.

Together with Dr. Shealy, he put together the first International Holistic Health Summit, serves as faculty at the Holos University Graduate Seminary and the Graduate Institute in CT and has several upcoming patents and innovations. 

Start Your Journey To Better Health!

Hear From A Few BIOGENICS® Users...

More Calm & Focused

"After experiencing burn out and severe anxiety I am now strongly committed to looking after myself. I have developed an ability to do mental ‘push ups"

Better Than Ever

“As a Vietnam veteran I have taken different remedies and tried every therapy, yet still had headaches, flashbacks and bad sleep for twenty years. BIOGENICS® took all that away and now I am feeling better than ever."

I’m Off The Meds

“I was battling anxiety and panic attacks for nine months until finally I couldn’t work.  After the first few BIOGENICS® sessions I felt better. One week later I was back at work, a few weeks after that I felt better than ever before.”

No Chronic Anxiety

"BIOGENICS® has made a lot of difference in the overall quality of my life, support that led to (and are leading) to many beneficial changes in my life, mainly due to a significant reduction in my chronic anxiety.”

My Life Is No Longer Driven By Fear

"These sessions made a significant difference in my approach to life, by re-establishing confidence and zest for life. My life is no longer driven by fear, and opportunities are easily seized and run with."

My Short Term Memory Improved

"After 2 months my anxiety was reduced and my thinking clearer and short term memory improved. These improvements have persisted."

I'm No Longer Depressed

"I had completed several sessions in a clinic setting with a practitioner but affordability was an issue and also being able to do enough sessions whilst working full time to get results so I was looking for an alternative."

Helped In Calming And Normalising My Brain

"Generally, I feel more energetic, calm, focussed, confident and optimistic. I am enjoying my work and life much more."


How Long Does  BIOGENICS® Take To Improve My Life?

Some users have reported a noticeable difference in minutes. Others it takes a little longer.  You must be consistent and practice these trainings to get the best results. We suggest working with Autogenic Focus for the first 30-90 days for mastery. You are welcomed to add any of the other titles as soon as you like such as "Every Thought Is A Prayer" , "Pain Relief" and "Who Am I".

Does  BIOGENICS® Really Work?

YES. We have worked with over 35,000+ people who have benefited greatly from BIOGENICS®.  85% of the people who use BIOGENICS find relief and recovery from emotional and physical maladies & have life changing experiences. Ahhhh, the stories Dr. Shealy can tell he has seen. The people who do not typically do not use the system or commit to doing the training!

Most people will need 3 months to achieve lasting results utilizing neuroplasticity. (Neuroplasticity is changing the patterns or perception, reaction and outcomes with resetting neural networks in the brain.)

You are welcome to return to the training as often as you like & explore as many of them as you see fit for what YOU need in YOUR life. :)

Will I Be Completely Stress Free?

A completely stress free life is not possible in our world. But, the higher your stress level, the higher the need for self-regulation tools to manage stress and not allow the stress to enable the body & mind to slip into dis-ease. 

What are the Expected Outcomes If I Go Through the BIOGENICS® Course?

Those who follow through and complete the course are expected to improve their quality of life, have a tool to cope with everyday stresses of life that are inevitable, and achieve better outcomes in all areas of life (health, wellness, career, personal, relationships) by obtaining homeostasis of the MIND, BODY and SPRIT.

Why Have I Never Heard of  BIOGENICS®?

BIOGENICS®, developed by Dr. Norman Shealy, one of the founders of the Holistic Health movement, is a self-regulation technique that uses mental exercises and sound waves to enhance relaxation and reduce stress, anxiety and depression.

That is why we have turned BIOGENICS® into an easy to follow online course - so YOU can hear about it now! You did not find this page just by chance!

The BIOGENICS® Protocol outline was developed in working with over 1,300 patients and in a number of clinical research projects, combining biofeedback, autogenic training, auto-suggestion, some Gestalt psychology, and psychosynthesis, which are increasingly used psychological techniques. 

I Have More Questions!

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